Podcasts, What Are They, What Do They Provide for You

The focus of this article will be Podcasts provided by Apple, they are free and readily available for iPhone, iPad, Laptops and PC’s. Podcasts, maybe you’ve heard about them, maybe seen them talked about online and TV. But what are they and why would you want to use them. First, Podcasts, the Wikipedia description… “A podcast or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a … Read more

Isaac’s Storm, Eric Larson

As Hurricane Florence prepares to make landfall on the east coast this week I noticed, watching the Weather Channel, that the weather storms developing behind Florence list an Isaac. This reminded me of an Eric Larson book, Isaacs Storm, which I read a couple years ago. The book recounts events surrounding the September 9th, 1990, hurricane that made landfall close to Galveston Texas. The Galveston Hurricane rated … Read more

Fear, by Bob Woodward

Fear, by Bob Woodward comes out September 11th, but the first reverberations are being felt a week before. The advance releases from the book if not disastrous for the Trump Administration, Bob Woodward also released an approved, recorded, phone conversation between Woodward and President Trump. The conversation, I encourage you to not only listen to … Read more

London Calling, 2018

Took a three-day tour to London, weekday getaway, just enough to see the major sights and get a taste of the city.   So, a little reality. We visited London the day after the latest attempted terrorist attack on August 14th. Security and safety awareness, obviously were very high, but as in other places we … Read more

Summer Napping, Replacing the 100

With the exception of the Quinton Hughes decision followed by the sudden departure of Trevor Linden, all’s been very quiet on the Canucks home front. Despite the Trevor Linden departure, the rumor and predictions mill churning, nothing has really changed. Benning is still in place, Travis Green has his team, coaches have been moved around, … Read more

Paris Weekend Visit

Took a Weekend in Paris tour, fantastic. Paris is a city with a rich cultural history that is a sightseer’s delight. We traveled by bus, left the UK from Dover, yes the fabled White Cliffs of Dover, the ferry left from the base of this majestic sight.  The ferry crossing was 90 minutes long and … Read more