Elevation by Stephen King

Stephen Kings latest novel, Elevation, recounts the inspiring but ultimately sad tale of Scott Carey. Scott has begun losing weight, but oddly, he is not losing size. Scott’s outward appearance has not changed, no matter how much weight is lost. Scott continues to eat whatever he wants, whatever amount he wants, weight continues to drop, daily. Again, oddly, adding layers … Read more

Castle Rock, a Hulu TV series

Castle Rock, released on Hulu July 25th 2018 is a next look at the Stephen King’s famed or infamous town of Castle Rock. Castle Rock is located in Maine and for years has been central in all things Stephen King, all things wrong. As described in the series, “God turned its back on this place”. Fitting. This series opens with local penitentiary, Shawshank, Warden Lacy, driving … Read more

The Reckoning by John Grisham

This novel follows Peter Banning, 1940’s land owner, farmer, father, respected figure, decorated war hero who one October walks into his local church and guns down the town pastor.  John Grisham recounts the tale of Banning’s life, growing up, WWII including the Bataan Death March and guerilla fighting in the jungles of the Philippines, his unexpected return from the war through … Read more

Bug Light

“Shouldn’t have turned off” Terri his wife chimed in from the passenger seat. Murray’s mouth lines twitched as he drove, each mile passed at this slow speed saw them fall further behind the schedule, of course, not the schedule, really my schedule, always my schedule, never Terri’s.  “That’s not helping”  First day of driving, North … Read more

Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly

Dark Scared Night by Michael Connelly is the latest Harry Bosch novel. This story follows in the recent Michael Connelly of blending two characters into one story. Similar to Bosch and Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer, teaming up for cases, Connelly’s recent addition Renee Ballard of The Late Show, joins Bosch in the effort to close … Read more

The Apprentice, by Greg Miller

Finished Greg Miller’s The Apprentice. A very entertaining and informative read.  Greg Miller does a good job of documenting, staying away from judging and telling his audience. Always better in my opinion to tell the story and let the reader reach their own conclusions.  This book covers little of Trump’s past with more focus on Russian Hacking, Election Interference, Election Campaigning, Presidential Campaign, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Investigation and the White House 2017 and 2018 years … Read more

The 5th Risk, Michael Lewis

Finished reading new release, The 5th Risk by Michael Lewis. This new book looks at the Trump Government and less on Trump himself.   This is a guaranteed New York Times bestseller list read.  Michael Lewis identifies the 5th Risk as the risk to the nation when a lack of understanding of Government beginning with a Transition Team and ending with incompetent leadership being appointed to the various US Departments.    Unlike recent books on Trump and his … Read more

NHL Salary Cap System

Years in place, does the current salary cap system work or should it be adjusted for the times.   History lesson, when the NHL salary cap was initiated in 2005 the starting team cap was $39 Million. This year the cap will be between $78 and $82 Million. In comparison the top salary in the 05-06 season was Jaromir Jagr coming in north of $8 … Read more

Ararat by Christopher Golden

Ararat by Christopher Golden is a 2017 Bram Stoker Award winner. The novel centers around Mount Ararat and the discovery of Noah’s ark. After an earthquake on the mountain, what appears to be a cave opens and inside is what’s thought to be Noah’s Ark.   Inside the Ark are animal pens, human remains and a coffin or esophagus. The coffin is inscribed with inscriptions, of undetermined origin and when opened … Read more