Legalized of Marijuana in Canada

Retirees Is This For You  Lots of speculation and controversy on what will happen this summer, well chaos and pandemonium likely toppling the country followed by the zombie apocalypse, massive solar flares, alien invasion…just kidding of course.  What will really happen, in Canada, probably not much. We lived in California for years, the only time … Read more

Canucks Post Draft 2018

Now with the draft completed, we see the Canucks #7 pick, Defence Quinton Hughes. I won’t bother writing the stats, playing history, the typical Vancouver media debate, good pick, bad pick and like the look on the one Montreal Canadians fans face, “what the heck” pick. Stats and drafted player bio’s will be covered ad … Read more

The Outsider by Stephen King

Stephen King returns, his latest offering “The Outsider” mixes the Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, End of Watch trilogy with some good old fashion, what’s that hiding in the dark, under the bed, in the closet story. Terry Maitland, High School Teacher, popular sports coach is arrested for the brutal murder of an eleven-year-old local boy. … Read more

Getting Ready for England/UK 2018

Preparing for a trip to UK, Paris, London, for the first time, is more involved and expensive than simply heading to the US. For starters, serious flight time, the obvious distance factor will certainly make you look at leg room and comfort it may even be worthwhile to include stops, for your own sanity. In … Read more

Downsizing For Retirement

Every male in North America just tightened up, well a little anyways.   What is downsizing, to me this means living a smaller, cleaner, manageable life. In our journey we are not at the minimalist stage, yet, probably by those standards not even half way. In my case, downsizing is ways to a means, no lawn, no … Read more