The 5th Risk, Michael Lewis

Finished reading new release, The 5th Risk by Michael Lewis. This new book looks at the Trump Government and less on Trump himself.   This is a guaranteed New York Times bestseller list read.  Michael Lewis identifies the 5th Risk as the risk to the nation when a lack of understanding of Government beginning with a Transition Team and ending with incompetent leadership being appointed to the various US Departments.    Unlike recent books on Trump and his … Read more

NHL Salary Cap System

Years in place, does the current salary cap system work or should it be adjusted for the times.   History lesson, when the NHL salary cap was initiated in 2005 the starting team cap was $39 Million. This year the cap will be between $78 and $82 Million. In comparison the top salary in the 05-06 season was Jaromir Jagr coming in north of $8 … Read more

Ararat by Christopher Golden

Ararat by Christopher Golden is a 2017 Bram Stoker Award winner. The novel centers around Mount Ararat and the discovery of Noah’s ark. After an earthquake on the mountain, what appears to be a cave opens and inside is what’s thought to be Noah’s Ark.   Inside the Ark are animal pens, human remains and a coffin or esophagus. The coffin is inscribed with inscriptions, of undetermined origin and when opened … Read more

Fear, Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward’s latest Presidential book, Fear, takes a look at, not only Trump, but life in the current White House and West Wing.  First off, Trump needs to give big nod to Hurricane Florence. This weather occurrence while horrible for the Carolina’s and people on the east coast, could not have come at a better … Read more

Halloween In Disneyland, The Best Time to Visit

Halloween in Disneyland California. Having spent many years living six hours from Disneyland, visiting for every Holiday in US, Halloween is by far the favorite.   The park is dressed up for Halloween, pumpkins everywhere, the Nightmare Before Christmas theme throughout the park.   Main Street is dressed up to reflect Fall in small town America.  California … Read more

Podcasts, What Are They, What Do They Provide for You

The focus of this article will be Podcasts provided by Apple, they are free and readily available for iPhone, iPad, Laptops and PC’s. Podcasts, maybe you’ve heard about them, maybe seen them talked about online and TV. But what are they and why would you want to use them. First, Podcasts, the Wikipedia description… “A podcast or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a … Read more