A Killers Mind by Mike Omer

A Killers Mind is a novel by Mike Omer. The novel introduces forensic psychologist, FBI profiler, Zoe Bentley. Bentley is a smart, odd young woman with a troubled past and a natural skill for profiling killers.  

Chicago 2016, three women are found murdered, embalmed, posed in positions suggesting life and emotions. Local police are desperate, the city’s population is unnerved, help is requested from the FBI. Zoe partnered with newly arrived Special Agent Tatum Gray are sent to evaluate and help. 

The unlikely, polar opposite pair soon find themselves spiraling into the demented killers mind with trails leading to Zoe Bentleys past. As a teenager Bentley had a brush with, and narrow escape from a small town, fledgling serial killer. The killer, known and exposed by Zoe, unbelieved by local authorities, escaped. 

Is Bentley’s past reoccurring, is the killer back, or is a new killer loose. This unlikely pair will have to overcome differences, work together, quickly to understand and capture the killer before the next victim vanishes.  

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The characters developed by Mike Omer are intricate and interesting to follow. The interaction between Bentley and Gray, Bentley and the world is believable. The reader is treated to an inside look into Bentley mind, following her as she uses her odd senses to understand and profile killers. The journey is believable and feels very real.  

A Killers Mind is the first book in Omer’s new Zoe Bentley series. If the following books are as good this promises to be a great character and series to follow.