Ararat by Christopher Golden

Ararat by Christopher Golden is a 2017 Bram Stoker Award winner.

The novel centers around Mount Ararat and the discovery of Noah’s ark. After an earthquake on the mountain, what appears to be a cave opens and inside is what’s thought to be Noah’s Ark. 

 Inside the Ark are animal pens, human remains and a coffin or esophagus. The coffin is inscribed with inscriptions, of undetermined origin and when opened an entity is discovered, dead.  

Using today’s standards, a YouTube adventure couple leads a team of mountain guides, archeologists, local government officials, religious leaders and even a DARPA agent. The revealing of Noah’s Ark will be filmed for a documentary, promising to put the young couple over the top in the YouTube world and vault them into worldwide notoriety.  

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The expedition is quickly plagued with problems many of the members begin to fall sick and under the influence of an unknown source.  

To complicate the escalating turmoil a storm, dare I use the term, of biblical proportions moves in stranding the team.  

The novel flows nicely, pushes all the expected buttons plus a few unexpected. I did find the story very close to The Thing, John Carpenter’s version, but not enough to stop reading. 

The ending was a surprise, no spoilers, I did not see coming in any way. Has the makings of a good movie, I am sure it will be optioned out at some point. 

Get this book and enjoy on a fall or snowy winter night.