Halloween In Disneyland, The Best Time to Visit

Halloween in Disneyland California. Having spent many years living six hours from Disneyland, visiting for every Holiday in US, Halloween is by far the favorite.  

The park is dressed up for Halloween, pumpkins everywhere, the Nightmare Before Christmas theme throughout the park.  

Main Street is dressed up to reflect Fall in small town America. 

California Adventure Park gets into the fun with Ichabod Crane’s nemesis The Headless Horsemen putting in an appearance.  

The Fireworks Show, always entertaining, is more focused, again, with the Nightmare Before Christmas being the central theme.  However it’s not the only scary site you’ll see during the display.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, at night, you would never have thought it could be made to look like something out of a Stephen King novel.


The Haunted Mansion, arguable the center piece for the park during Halloween, is changed over for Halloween, a sight to see. Inside, the house walk through and ride has also changed to reflect the Season and Nightmare Before Christmas. 

The weather is perfect, October, the heat of Summer has passed, mild fall temperatures so you’re not sweltering waiting in lines.  

Waits are down as daily attendance is reduced due to kids and families are back at school. Of course, the line ups are back in full force if you are in the park on the 30th and 31st. Be smart, visiting the park on the 30th and 31st is very entertaining, but go for a couple days before and get on all the rides with little waits. 

Get a 5-day pass, it’s worth it. 

Have Fun!!!