I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Michelle McNamara

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark 

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is an investigative, biographic journey hunting the East Area Rapist and the obsession it brought to her life. The East Area Rapist was an attacker that raped and murdered throughout California in the 70’and 80’s. Known and confirmed victims numbered in the 50’s and the attacker or as named in this book “The One” has never been captured.  

In addition to being “The One” the East Area Rapist (EAR) is also known as the Original Night Stalker (ONS) and Golden State Killer (GSK). 

Michelle McNamara who passed away at age 46 in April 2016, put together an exhaustive investigation into this very complicated case penning an engaging read while thankfully limiting the lurid details takes the reader on the frightening journey that affected the residents of California. This case, while largely unknown to us, also holds a special significance as we lived years in the affected area being very familiar with Sacramento, Modesto, Visalia, Stockton and Los Angeles. Having lived 10 minutes east of Modesto the feeling and presence at night or after dark is very real to us. Due to heat in the Central Valley people simply weren’t a common sight after dark, scary now to imagine that same dark being owned by humans hunting victims. 

This book encompasses the detectives involved, the writers blog site, the writer’s emotions, highs and lows and lastly the evidence found and at other times the ack of evidence. This book also touches on the culture of those times that while did not encourage this spree, gives the reader of today an idea of how an attacker could operate for so long avoiding capture. It will certainly give the reader pause when thinking about today’s life of police cameras, smart phones, car cameras, house cameras, instant communications, perhaps this supposed convenience and, in some cases, inconvenience offers an unseen protection to the majority of today’s population. 

A day after posting this book review an arrest was made in this case. This morning ex-cop  Joseph James DeAngelo, was arrested. DeAngelo is 72 years old and reportedly fits the description. Let’s hope this piece of history has reached it’s long awaited finale.