Daniel Ellsburg

Daniel Ellsburg The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner  You may recognize this name, Daniel Ellsburg, if you saw the recent Tom Hanks movie The Post. Daniel Ellsburg is prominent figure that shall we say “procures” then “leaks” sensitive documents pertaining to the Vietnam war. No movie spoilers here, but the movie is … Read more

Canucks in SinCity

Vancouver getting outscored 4-1, outplayed and worse the compete level wasn’t there, well the third period wasn’t bad, of course Vegas sat back knowing the odds of 3 goals being scored by Vancouver are as likely as winning big on the roulette wheels. Same story as the last few weeks, offence not getting the puck … Read more

About WordPress

A word about this site and the journey in it’s creation and continued evolution. I used WordPress and GeneratePress, great software to create and grow with relative ease. If I had to classify my website experience going into this, it would be less than zero. If I can do this, with zero experience, so can you. … Read more

About Me

About myself, I am 56 years old, retired. I am married, thirty-five years and counting, three children, five grandchildren, one on the way. I worked for Ball Corporation, thirty-one years, started sweeping and finished in positions of Quality and Operations Manager. During my employment career, which began in Canada in 1986, in 2007 we transferred … Read more