The Outsider by Stephen King

Stephen King returns, his latest offering “The Outsider” mixes the Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, End of Watch trilogy with some good old fashion, what’s that hiding in the dark, under the bed, in the closet story.  

Terry Maitland, High School Teacher, popular sports coach is arrested for the brutal murder of an eleven-year-old local boy. Physical evidence leads police to make a quick and very public arrest. In line with today’s real insatiable attitude and mob mentality the town shockingly abandons yesterday’s local hero and quickly turns on today’s serial murderer.  

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As the story unfolds the arrest, despite indisputable physical evidence and eyewitnesses, alibis equally indisputable cast serious doubts to Tery Maitland’s guilt. 

For the investigative team that grudgingly assembles, both sides of the guilty innocent investigation being represented, beliefs are challenged and the willingness to accept what’s unbelievable becomes the catalyst for each individual’s ultimate survival.   

Will the investigation of Terry Maitland’s innocence or guilt, as revealed be believed, can the truth be true, can the truth be stopped.