Why I’m Here, Hey Why Not

Why Would You Want to Read This 

After I made the decision to retire I spent the last 9 months of my working life thinking, what will I do next, what do I want to do. This to me seemed to be the toughest, most pressing and frankly asked about question. I knew I had always wanted to write and felt that I had a talent at some unknown level for it. I had heard of blogging but had no real information or experience on what it was all about. As usual, I started reading and found that there was some interest there for me and what I had, perhaps, been looking for. I did my usual extensive research, ask my wife what that’s like, read and read trying to cover all bases, make myself a rudimentary plan, however one of the stumbling blocks was what would I “blog” about, what is my passion. 

I did some Google searching on retirement and all I could find were sites that offered financial advice and “incredible” opportunities for me. Not what I was looking for. I wanted to see something that talked about life, pitfalls, what to expect, things to do and learn, I couldn’t find anything even vaguely personal. It seemed odd that once you got past the decision to retire, financial numbers worked, and your plan was set, what was next. I am not a real hobbyist, no real interest in the classic hobby’s, but as I said I liked to read and write. Then it dawned on me, I am likely not alone in the what’s next question, why not have an interactive blog about my next steps, what worked and didn’t, what I am learning, reading, watching and doing. Add in what’s this Twitter, Instagram deal and guide retirees and over 50’s through that process, making it easy and relevant. In this journey I learn and hopefully provide some insight to us, the older generation that stretches beyond Facebook. Lastly this site is meant to be interactive, signup your email address, I won’t send you any daily junk or spam mail, that’s a promise. I hate that stuff, the wasted time and effort of deleting this causes, the email will simply let you know I have something new posted. I hope you will read, make comments and be interactive. Comments are important, what do you think of things on the site, questions, what do you want to see, basically anything.